Friday, February 17, 2017

TRUMP WATCH #16: What happens to the right-wing conservative political agenda if Trump implodes?

Attached is a video and transcript of Trump’s wild and disturbing 77-minute new conference yesterday (2/15/17).  
I recommend that you watch just enough to get a sense of how he behaved during this event. I strongly suspect that, like me and many others (citizens, reporters, commentators, politicians), you will come away with the strong impression that this is a man who is imploding emotionally, someone who isn’t likely to make it through his first term as President, possibly not even his first year. To me he looked physically and emotionally “at the end of his rope.”
Today, on NPR’s On Point, Stephen Henderson, Pulitzer Prize-winning Detroit Free Press Editorial Page Editor described “the paranoia, the belligerence, the lack of focus” that he observed in Trump’s behavior at the news conference, which he characterized as “the signs of somebody who is deeply troubled,” suggesting that “there needs to be a serious inquiry into how stable a personality are we dealing with here.”
Indeed, during the past few weeks, there have been increasing debates in the press and the mental health community about Trump’s mental fitness to be President and what mental health professionals should or should not say about his possible mental health issues.
Meanwhile others have described the potential constitutional removal of Trump for a wide variety of reasons, from his being unfit to serve to impeachment for “high crimes and misdemeanors,” including treason for his possible dealings with Russia.
However, I’d like to suggest that, as citizens and voters, we ignore the chatter about whether, when, and how Trump may leave office and instead engage in knowledgeable and effective resistance to the right-wing Republican agenda that has already begun to work its way through congress and numerous state governments.
Indeed, it seems to me that a President Pence--- working closely with his former conservative gubernatorial colleagues, his former tea-party House colleagues led by conservative ideologue House Leader Paul Ryan, and the Republican-controlled Senate, expertly managed by the opportunistic Senate Majority leader, Mitch McConnell---- would be far more effective than the dysfunctional President Trump in pushing through tea-party inspired, arch-conservative policies and laws.
So, let’s be careful of what we wish for, and in the meantime focus on what issues are most important to each of us and what we can realistically do about them NOW.
Over the next week (or so) I plan to publish discussions of some of the major issues being pushed by the right-wing Republican majorities in the national and state governments. First up (I hope) will be an analysis of the complex issues surrounding immigration and refugees.

President Trump announced a new nominee for labor secretary and answered questions from reporters at the White House on Thursday.

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