Friday, February 3, 2017

TRUMP WATCH #3: News Article about him Appearing to Back off from some of his Extreme Foreign Policy Statements and Positions

I think that as long as Trump is the President, we can expect more of these sorts of apparent shifts in "policy" positions back and forth, depending on which advisor(s) he is listening to at the moment OR, as is probably the case with Steve Bannon, which spokespersons are simply freelancing on their own. In this "fog of the Trump presidency," it will be critically important for the media, Congress, and the people (that's us, folks) to see past these contradictions and past Trump's base-pleasing bluster to what actions the Trump administration is actually taking; these actions are what matters and what we must be prepared to oppose in whatever ways we can.

In a turnabout, the president appears to embrace decades-long United States policy necessary for a two-state solution.

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