Monday, February 6, 2017


Today’s TRUMP WATCH is a little different; it is about us, the citizens of our country, not so much about Trump. 
It is about why we must ACT locally in light of right-wing Republican control over the Executive, Legislative, and (probably soon) Judicial branches of our national government, as well as the governorships and legislatures in the vast majority of States, and countless local office holders.

Item #1: The urgency of maintaining an independent judiciary in light of Trump/Bannon’s totalitarian inclinations

The president’s attacks on a judge over an order blocking his immigration ban received condemnation in both parties but a defense from his vice president.

Item #2 The challenges (especially under a Trump laissez-faire regulatory environment) of protecting our health, consumers, our children, the less-fortunate, the Earth, etc. from polluting chemical companies, too-big-to-fail financial institutions, predatory credit card companies and other lenders, in short: from current rapacious capitalism.

After the industrial chemical PFOA contaminated the drinking water of hundreds of people in southern Vermont, legislators wanted to avoid another surprise

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