Thursday, February 9, 2017

TRUMP WATCH #9: “How to Get Out of the Cycle of Outrage In a Trump World.”

This morning I read Ariana Huffington’s perceptive and inspiring piece below. I strongly recommend it, as I think you will recognize her description of what we all are feeling and that you will find her list of resources for actions you can take to be enormously helpful.
I would just like to add to Ms. Huffington’s enlightening suggestions, a thought that has been percolating in my mind ever since the 
election: I am determined that whatever actions I might take over the next several years with respect to social justice, whether it be to write emails or sign petitions or attend marches or call the offices of elected representatives, I am determined to do so armed with knowledge and understanding about the issue and those involved. For me, this means:
Knowledge: I will try not to take at face value any news article, social media post, or utterance by friend or foe without checking more than one source (and when in doubt, consulting
Understanding: I will think and read about issues and talk with others with as wide a range of views as possible to try to uncover the underlying factors and reasons for what is happening. In doing so, I will endeavor to put myself in the shoes of others, be they Donald Trump, himself, or Pope Francis, be they tea party Republicans or frustrated young anarchists. My intention is to try to understand why they feel, think, and act as they do. This empathy with others should not be confused with sympathy; I am not talking about agreement or forgiveness, only about understanding.
If we live in a perpetual state of outrage, Trump wins.

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